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An excerpt from Waking Witch's journal at Searching The Voids:

I awoke this morning from the nightmare.

The nightmare is always the same, though this time I try to remember their faces, but it's no use, they appear faceless, but i do remember the details of their clothes. He is wearing a white t-shirt declaring "What The KLF?" I really don't understand what that means, he has a jean jacket on and wearing black jeans. She is dressed in a red dress, she has a katana strapped to her back and they dance. And what a beautiful dance it is.

In my nightmare I am fleeing, I think I am running from giant insects. I really don't know how to describe it but in my dream I am running like I have lead weights in my legs. The insects are about to get me when I heard a buzz, much like a fly when it zips pass your ear. And then from the sky they drop down. My dream angels... they rescue me from the horrid death.

The problem is I don't know if this means anything at all? And why do I have this same dream over and over again? Is it an imprint from another reality? Trying to wake me from this one? What is the meaning? Who are the couple in this dream? Are they morpheuses of my folks? teachers? friends? what do the insect means?