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What Mysterious Awakenings Await Thee

Maggie opened her eyes and found herself lying submerged in a tank. She was in a sea of colorless liquid, but somehow she was breathing. Her first reaction when she became aware of her surroundings was of panic. She tried to move but a jolt went through her limbs - that's when she realized that she was held by a pair of manacles.

"Not again," she muttered to herself, though her voice sounded foreign to her.

When Maggie moved small electrical jolts warned her of the consequences of her action. She was naked and covered with electrodes and wires. 

"She's aware," a female voice announced. 

"That was sooner than we expected," said another female. "Page the good doctor and let him know Magenta Blue is a go."

Maggie pulled at her restraints only to be greeted with another jolt of sharp pain that made her wince.

"No sudden moves, Magriel," said a voice. He stepped forward and a cold smile crossed the frozen wastes of his face. 

"The more you move, the stronger the jolt," he warned. "And we don't want our star pupil to be dead before we begin."

"Well, now that you have my attention. Who are you?" she questioned.

"My name is Morganfokker and I would like to officially welcome you to this plureality."

"Should I know you?" Maggie questioned.

"Maybe," his answer was short and curt. He touched the glass tank, looking down at Maggie in a hungry sort of way. "I've been searching for you for a long long time."