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The Tease'd

begin teaser


MAX is lying on a bed. He is covered in sweat. We see movement behind his eyelids, REM sleep, he tosses and turns in his bed.

His eyes pop open wide. He reaches for the gun underneath his pillow and fires of a shot in the darkness. We hear the sound of a thud.

Max jumps from his bed, and walks over to the body. His eyes still searching the darkness. He bends down and checks the pulse, the intruder dead, blood spilling from the clean head shot wound.

His cellphone rings. 

MAX: Hola.

VOICE: Did you get my message?

MAX: Crystal clear.

VOICE: You know what you have to do now.

MAX: I know. But when this is over I am coming for you.

VOICE: I shall be waiting.

end teaser