Current Transmissions:


The Cosmic Vibe

Trump walked across the rooftop heading towards the ledge of the building, where Max was sitting with his legs dangling over the edge. A styrofoam cup of coffee stood on sentry by Max's side. Trump hardly made a noise as he approached Max. 

"Hello Trump," Max said without looking back, his eyes closed.

"Can I ask you something?" Trump asked, as he sat down on the ledge beside Max.

Max nodded; he opened his eyes but did not divert his attention to Trump, just looked ahead. The pupils of his eyes looked like distant stars twinkling.

"What the KLF are you doing?" asked Trump. He wasn't sure what was going on. 

"I am not sure yet, just waiting for the vibe to hit me," Max replied.

"Vibe?" Trump repeated the word.

"The cosmic vibe." Max paused, grabbed the coffee and took a pull from it. "This reality here isn't aligning." 

Trump sat there and looked at Max.

"When you learn to open your mind, you will feel the vibrations," Max said.

Trump thought about it for a moment, then frowned. "I don't understand." 

"How can you?" Max smiled, and his eyes were warm and secretive. "After all, you're only a cat."