Current Transmissions:


The Iko Effect

Goner sat on the bus, using two pencils as drumsticks tapping out a beat on the empty seat before him. He was bored and really didn't know what to do with his time at the moment, and after all he was on a bus.

At first it was just a random beat; he wasn't truly aware of any song. Then an old song did occur to him - it was a tune his grandmother used to sing to him years ago - and he fell into the beat.

Two young girls sitting on the other side of the aisle glanced over at him and giggled. They were college students and were off to another part of the city to partake in some ritualistic partying. The one sitting by the window had recognized the tune and turned and whispered to her friend.

They began singing, their voices angelic, "My grandma and your grandma were sitting by the fire..."

Like a virus spreading and infecting through contact, others on the bus began to move their heads or clap or stamp their feet...