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I Know The Secrets That You Keep When You're Dreaming In Your Sleep...

The train rumbled on.

Max laid across a row of chairs; he couldn't sleep and hadn't been sleeping properly for the past few nights. Though he didn't feel tired at all; he hadn't been since the events that had transpired a few weeks ago. 

If I truly fall asleep I will slip away from here. 

He didn't want that. He was growing into this comfort zone, he was liking the company, the adventure he was having, and he would die if this reality faded away into the nothingness, like a dream after waking. 

He'd grown accustomed to the shunting of the train, and the companions he had met along the way. For the first time in what seemed liked an eternity he felt the feelings of bondship. 

It would be shame if I were to disappear.