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The Eight Slugs

New Mexico, 1877

Two horsemen approached, their horses tired and worn out from a long hard run. Now they were taking it easy; if they were to go any faster they would surely perish.

A young fellow was holding the reins of the other horse, leading it along while the rider of that horse was slumped over the saddle, trying to stay on.

"Hold on, Maggie," the fellow said. "Just a little further. There's a medicine man who will take care of you. He fixed me up real good."

Maggie was leaning forward on the horse, holding on with much difficulty. She had lost a lot of blood on the trail and she felt that this would be it for her. She didn't acknowledge her companion because that would take too much effort.

She wasn't doing too well, with 8 slugs in her body. She felt like giving up but her spirit was much too strong.

"We're there," the man said.

"I hope this fellow is a good as you say, Bill Bonney," Maggie whispered.