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Out of Touch, Out of Time

"Is this Disneyland?" Angst asked, as she peered down to the city below.

"Yep," said Max. He didn't bother looking; he had been there before and didn't much care for it. He took out some tobacco and began to roll a smoke. 

"Welcome to hell is more like it," Maggie replied. She stood on the edge peering at the elegant city through her binoculars. The Big Apple. This one rotten to the core. She handed the binoculars to Angst and turned to face Max. "Well, looks like they are setting up a welcoming committee."

Angst could make out a huge army forming just on the outskirts of the city. She scanned the legion, making out the thousands of spears and the banners of human skulls that were raised towards the sky. Angst spat out in disgust.

"Where are they going?" Angst asked. She turned to see Max put the cigarette to his lips and spark it up. She frowned a little. She didn't care too much for smoking.

"Who knows," Max replied. "They could be sent to hunt us."

"You're just a ray of sunshine, aren't you," Maggie said. She punched him in the arm.