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Alive She Cried

"Gimme that, you big palooka!"

Maggie snatched the hat off of the big jock's head. The big brute simply let out a chuckle. Maggie nodded at him and then tossed the hat aside; she really didn't want it in the first place. The hat wasn't long before being picked up by someone else on the much crowded street.

"Now you don't look so much like a dork," she told him. 

The jock didn't smile, but he nodded. "But The Professor said we are supposed to keep a low profile," he said. He continued to walk with his hands in his leather jacket. 

Maggie walked ahead and turned to face him. "Well, you sure stood out in that pimp hat! And I ain't one of your girls!"

"Sorry Maggie," the jock said. "But the Professor said..."

"Let me handle that," Maggie said with a playful wink.

They walked down the streets of the city, passing by others. They were out for a night on the town. Maggie was actually feeling alive; she loved this. She twirled with her arms open as she walked; it was summer and hot and it was West Hollywood. It had been a long while since she had been here last and it was good to take the chance to visit.

"Ah, there we go!" Maggie said. "The Whiskey A Go Go! It's one of the final nights I get to see them play."

"Who?" the jock asked. 

"Why The Doors of course!" Maggie said. "Why'd you think I wanted to come here and visit in the first place? We only have a 5 hour window so let's make the most of it!"