Current Transmissions:


In Darkness Memories Recall

Max's first sensation when he came to was that he was flying. He hadn't really felt the pain at all, since he was sort of used to it. But he knew that pain was like some sort of Voodoo thing for him.

He tried to open his eyes but all he could see was darkness. He slowly brought his hand up to his face - it felt like his arm was in severe pain - and felt bandages. No wonder he couldn't see a thing.

His head was far too cloudy to lift up. He laid there sorting out the confusing images in his head. Max remembered a dinosaur, but how could that be? He knew they'd been extinct for millions of years. His memory was foggy with little tendrils of images coming in and out of focus. Images of angels flying high in the sky, a battle on top of a skyscraper, an airport where he fought himself.

"Where am I?" he asked himself.

There was a beeping sound.

Fear began to set in as Max tried to remember something - anything. He knew that he was in some sort of fierce battle with a dinosaur, but that was impossible, wasn't it?

"What happened?"

The beeping sound answered again.