Current Transmissions:


A Rude Awakening

Max sat on the edge of the building and he thought he heard someone call his name. He leaned forward just a bit to get a better view. He was falling. An endless fall, no escape until he hit the ground.

He awoke without a scream, sweat covered his body like an oil. He hadn't had a dream like this since he was a kid. And he wondered why it came back.

"Hope it was a good trip, that was a nice fall?" a voice said from the corner of the room. Max looked around, his gun appeared in his hand like quicksilver.

He noticed the two standing in his room, a fellow and girl; looked like they were in their early 20's. The fellow looked like a corporate bigwig in a power suit, the girl was a throwback from The Who's Mod fans.

"Hello Max," the two chorused as one. "We know you Max. We've been tagging along in your escapades, always one step behind. We took a gamble and made a shortcut."

He lowered the gun and smiled.