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Faux City Police Reports

Police reports
By Chronicle Staff

Police reports for Monday included the following:

* A business owner on Highwater Street went to his store to find it vandalized. The suspects did not take any money or items, but the four mannequins in the front window had bullet holes riddling their bodies.

* A woman was seen assaulting four men. She left the scene before police arrived. All four men are expected to recover in the hospital.

* A man living in an apartment on North Grand Avenue was shot. 

* A man left a restaurant on Daniels Street without paying for his meal.

* A man stole beer from a corner store. He was caught and cited for theft.

* A business owner told police a woman kicked over a display. 

* Two siblings got into an argument. The older child kicked the younger child in the face.

* Three juveniles were throwing rocks from the top of a building on Main Street. Rocks hit two cars. One of the juveniles was cited. 

* A man told police the NSA had planted devices in his head and car to frame him for a crime. He told police that a talking cat threatened him. The man was taken to the hospital for observation.

* There were 97 calls for service.