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Awkward as an Eclipse

He had been shot at, thrown from a window of a skyscraper, hit by a train, tumbled down a mountain while battling a cyborg, drugged up and near death, but all of these minor incidents didn't prepare him for the biggest threat of all. 

"Here Max, hold her while I get her bottle," Trish said as she handed him the baby.

Max looked at the child with appalled horror and surprise, holding it at arms' length. For some reason it was a foreign sight, like a solar eclipse to feudal Japan society.

"She won't bite," Trish comforted Max. Before Max could protest and hand the baby back to Trish, she got up and headed to get the baby bag out of the stroller, which was just outside.

Mags was coming back with a couple of coffees in her hands and she let out a slight chuckle to see THE Max Cube at a loss.