Current Transmissions:


A Musical Interlude

The Firefly was a small piano bar located beneath a popular restaurant. It was never truly filled but it was rarely ever empty. A nice place to sit back and enjoy a quiet night.

There was a dozen people in the room when Max and Maggie arrived. Strolling in through the doors, dressed to the nines, looking like they were having a night on the town.

"This is the place," Max said as he removed Maggie's wrap.

Maggie took in the atmosphere of the small bar; it reminded her of an airport lounge, a sense of the transitory, but classier. "This is quite nice."

"Get used to it," Max said as he grabbed a package of matches from a basket. It had golden writing on it declaring the name of the lounge. "It's yours."

Maggie looked at him to see if this was a joke or not. Max just winked at her and smiled. Then he wandered over to the piano, took a seat and began to play a very familiar song.

Maggie leaned on the piano and looked at Max. "Thank you," she said and then struck into a song. Her voice was sultry and full of life and made everyone in the room smile.