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A Book By Any Other Name...

"What's this?" Max asked, staring at the book. It was sitting on the coffee table; he reached over and picked it up. The cover declared the book to be Tempest Of Times by Shakespear.

"Something I picked up at a yard sale," Frank replied. "I saw it there and it intrigued me. You know how most of the time what-if's and what-not's seem to be the norm, seeing this book by Shakespear was a kick. So I picked it up."

The book enraptured Max; it looked ancient and out of place. And the feel of the cover didn't feel normal at all.

"I know things change all the time," Frank continued. "That material things in our possessions change and the like, but that book has been through several changes with me now..."

"And you don't find that odd?" Max inquired.
"Well no," Frank said. "We stay together, and you usually have Joy and Pain, there's Maggie's katana, Suki's godhammer... If some of our weapons survive the changes why not a book?"

"This is significant," Max answered.

Max dialed the Professor's number.