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C2IP: The Agenda War IV

Brogan set the empty glass on the bar. "That's a quality drink, Mr. Lokk."

Callan held up the bottle of whisky, offering a second shot, but Brogan shook his head.

"At least when I give you my money now," he went on with a smirk, "I get something in return, unlike the many times I gave it to you at the poker table."

Callan chuckled. "My apologies."

"None necessary. You out-played me."

"Since we're not gambling now, why don't we go ahead and put all our cards on the table right away? I'm aware that Mr. Que is planning to propose that one of the two saloons in the Canyon have its liquor license revoked. He will claim he is concerned about the effects of unchecked drinking given the influx of new workers to the region."

Brogan gestured to the bottle and Callan poured a second shot as he continued speaking.

"And I'm aware that the saloon he allows to continue operating will undoubtedly be the one he feels will best support his goals as Mayor."

Brogan took a sip. "We both know that the kind of talk that is either encouraged or discouraged at the local watering hole can have a profound impact on the opinions of a community. And that the support of a Mayor is beneficial for anyone doing business in said community..."