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In The Writer's Room

"What do you mean they are giving us another season?" Brad said. He entered the room and tossed a briefcase on the table. "We wrapped everything up in that two hour finale in May! Now they want us to continue on?"

Allison sat at the table and glanced at the white board up on the wall; they were brainstorming ideas for another season to see what they could come up with. She was afraid to put forth the idea she'd been wanting to run ever since they shot it down in Season Three.

"I wished the network would of given us a heads-up," Brad stated. "Freakin' Morley moved on over to the Ultra-Men series after. They snapped him up like that."

"Ultra-Men also hired Angst as a recurring character as well this season," Benjamin added.

Benjamin was tapping the pen in his hands on a pad of paper. He had written: 

Season 12 ideas:
  • Max travels across the land with a dog.
  • The Ark of the Covenant is found in an attic.
  • Maggie discovers who her mysterious benefactor truly is.
  • Introducing a new character: Oliver Cousins!  No... not that.
  • A musical episode where everyone sings?
  • Frank is killed. Again. And brought back as a demon. --- nope, nope, nope.
  • Introducing the Soda Wars.