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The Irreducibility of Explication

"Max! Focus!" the voice shouted.

He blinked and tried to follow the order. He was lost in a memory or a series of memories about a time he was driving around looking for something to eat and just feeling absolutely completely emotionally and mentally fucked up. Of course he had the thought that maybe he still was driving around and that this was another delusion. If he had ever had any delusions; maybe everything that he had thought happened had actually happened?

The voice was sounding frustrated, or maybe it was a different voice? Joining in? "We need to understand more about your actions in the Ultraplex. We need to know about what happened on World: Prefalta."

A file folder appeared on the table in front of Max with symbols on it that Max couldn't decipher.

What's the Ultraplex?

"Go ahead," the (first?) voice said. Max flipped open the folder and scanned the documents inside.

[Prefalta Excerpt]

"Specifically," they continued, "why did you order Aqua to intervene in this scenario? What criteria were met that required this action to be taken? Why did you select Aqua from the roster of Dragons who were available? What was the desired outcome of the intervention?"

Max suddenly had this strong sense that he was immersed in a tutorial for some type of advanced videogame, that the answers he selected to the questions being asked would set his preferences for the gameplay to follow... But there was also a very real chance that the videogame idea was just a psychological defense mechanism allowing him to minimize his responsibility in the incident they were discussing.

"The most important question is, perhaps- " the voices said.

Max couldn't really remember ever giving Aqua any orders... He hadn't even seen Aqua since... 

"- why did you choose to intervene in this incident and not any of these?"

Nineteen more file folders landed on the table in a rough stack.

Max felt nauseous.