Current Transmissions:



Marshal double-checked that the office door was locked. He turned back to the computer terminal. The desktop picture was from Serial Experiment: Lain. There were three video-chat windows open, conferenced with each other. "Ok, go."

Angst spoke in the first window. "Yeah, so. Not good. So not good. None of the contact rituals for Odin, Merlin or Kele-De are working. The Infrared Lodge and the Ultraviolet Lodge are in open conflict. And the Ashen Tradition is claiming to be on the verge of locating a relic they are calling 'The Hyperplex'."

Frank was next. "LEGACY has apparently negotiated a truce between the Manticores and the Basilisks. If that's true they will undoubtedly try and loop in the other Legend Gangs as well. There's also rumours that they are looking to recruit Lanight into the fold."

Marshal sighed, "So things are fracturing in one direction and consolidating in another. Everyone knows by now that something is happening."

Goner spoke up. "More bad news: my intel says that Throckmorton, Angus Mode, Mr. Clean, and Verdi are all bidding on an assassination contract. Maybe Nell and Ally, maybe Meelos and Legos. Or, maybe, The Future."

Shit, Frank thought and they all heard him.

"And the target?" Angst asked.

"Max," Goner said.

"Well, Max better watch out," Marshal said.

The others looked confused.