Current Transmissions:



Max rolled over, hit the alarm, dragged himself out of bed. 

Cut through some back streets to avoid the crowds. Hot summer weather, low-orbit satellites visible in the clear sky between corporate towers.

Friendly wave from the young woman selling occult trinkets from a stand by the intersection. He had bought a few since moving to the neighbourhood. Her name was something like Melancholy? Agony?

The sounds of traffic reminded him of dreams he couldn't remember. Billboards advertising the new action movie, MAGENTA.

Dropping some coins in the cup of the Veteran camped outside the bank. Young guy, the side of his face burned, missing an arm.

Into the lobby of the office building, pulling his lanyard from his satchel and draping it around his neck just in time for security to check it. The older guard who always wore sunglasses. It was policy at the agency that staff were not to ask the guards' names.

He gave him the nod and Max proceeded towards the elevators.

"Oh, sir?" the guard said, catching his attention. Passed him an envelope that had been left at the desk for him.

In the elevator, heading to the fifth floor, feeling tired, opened the envelope. Handwritten note, unsigned:

'Thank you.'