Current Transmissions:


Mandatory Training

"Some of you may have worked together before, others will be from different departments, so let's take a moment to introduce ourselves," the instructor said.

Max was the fifth person to speak. "Marshal Montgomery," he said. "I work at the Altar Station, incoming data mostly." He was just trusting the words that came into his mind.

The others continued sharing their names and departments. 

Max, is that you? Frank's voice sounded in his head. Max suddenly realized that the man who had introduced himself as Javier Alvarez from Launchpad Station was Frank; he looked different, probably in the same way that Marshal somehow looked different than Max, but it was him.

Marshal gave a questioning look to Javier. Max wasn't sure that anyone besides he and Maggie (and Morganfokker) had demonstrated polysonae before...

I'm not sure, either, Frank sent back. I was practicing with some trancework, meditating on what we've learned about the System, and I ended up piggybacking into Javier... Is this what it's like for you? 

Marshal shrugged slightly. The truth was that Max had been sleeping and hadn't been entirely sure this wasn't a lucid dream. Now he suspected that this Agency was a System or Counter-System front; maybe he and Frank could learn something. 

The introductions had finished.

The instructor continued, "To appreciate the importance of the Emergency Response Protocols we are learning today it's useful to understand an Emergency as a situation where there has been a loss of control; these Protocols will help to regain that control."

I wonder why they are providing this training now? Frank asked in Max's mind.