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Instability - Prelude to Crisis

Max picked up the cellphone as soon as he heard 'Gotta Get The Job Done' by The Plastik Kyngdom. It was his ring tone for messages, alerting him that something was up. A series of long numbers appeared: 

Lat: 38.990156264858015
Long: -94.61059659719467
Temporal Instability: 88.89% 
Liable Crunch: 98.02%
3 Days and Counting. 

"Sweet Mother of all things ..." he muttered as he slid his phone across the table and showed the screen to Maggie. "We need to get there in a hurry."

"That's pretty damn high," Maggie replied. "The Professor sure about this?"

"As sure as toast landing on the buttered side once it's been dropped," he replied. He dialed #333 on his phone and sent it. It was the call sign for the team to gather pronto.

Whatever was going to happen in 3 Days was going to be big.