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Crisis In Infinite Plexes - First Echo


Maighread swung the sword in an arc that severed the hand of the first Ashen soldier and disarmed the second. Neither opponent stopped – the enchantments of their warlock masters were channeling their suffering into increased strength – and neither did Maighread, dropping into a crouch as the first threw a roundhouse kick, blood spraying out behind them from the stump, and the second smoothly drew a knife. Maighread tucked into a roll, trying to put some distance, but the soldiers pressed and Maighread straightened up but off-balance... 

Except it was all theatre, all a lure to move the Ashen soldiers into range of the Lady Dread's bow. As they lunged at Maighread arrows appeared in each of their necks. High in the trees above, the Fae Leafdancer silently skipped from one branch to another, looking for more targets.

Maighread returned to the temple where the Godhammer and the Faded Knight were dispatching the Living Statue that had awoken when the Dragons had tried entering. Freeman had warned them that his Scrye had revealed the presence of powerful arcane energies, but it was unclear what their nature was...

“Was that it?” Maighread asked the wizard, gesturing at the pile of rubble and dust at Hammer and Fade's feet.

Freeman shook his head. “There is still something inside... I've never felt anything like it...”

With a shared look the adventurers agreed to brave the ruins. From her perch in the trees, Dread watched her companions disappear inside. Some moments later she saw two more of the Ashen Tradition nearing the site but two more perfectly placed arrows put an end to them. She knew that there were many more still searching the woods – likely following the same tracks that had led the Dragons here - and it was only a matter of time before they discovered the Spider Temple as well. 

Suddenly Maighread stumbled from the entrance; she looked wounded. Dread was about to jump down to her, but Maighread raised her hands to her mouth and mimicked the cawing of a crow, a bardic technique taught to them by Maximus. A warning message... Three sharp caws then a fourth.

She was telling The Lady Dread to flee.