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Neo Static: The Permutation Particles Polka IX

Long way from home
Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Suki slipped the flash drive into the slot. Her fingers danced over the keypad like a spider crawling across hot pavement. Aqua activated her gloves as she heard the sound of ripping and space and time began to fold down the passageway.

"Max was right," Aqua muttered. "It wasn't too long before they'd be onto us!"

"You do what you are paid to do, Aqua," Suki said. "I just need to finish coding and I will join ya."

"I got this," Aqua said as she made her way up the passageway.

Shooting stars never stop even when they reach the top
Shooting stars never stop even when they reach the top

Beads of sweat ran down from Frank's forehead as he closed the laptop.

"Done," he said to Max.

Max let a few strings go while grabbing a few more and moving them about his fingers like someone weaving a tapestry would do. Max could see the results unfolding in the infinite as his fingers were working, creating a better possibility.

There goes a supernova what a pushover-yeah
There goes a supernova what a pushover

Angst, Angelissa and Ruffo were rushing through the complex. Ruffo had thought it was her base of operations but it wasn't actually her base. It looked like everyone there was going about their business and paying no heed to her as she ran through the corridors with two cheerleaders.

It looked like they were late going to the prom. Ruffo was trying to fathom what was going on and how what they were doing was related to her own homeworld being invaded by an alien race, and how that seemed to be of no significance at all.

"Is this always like this?" Ruffo asked.

"And then some," replied Angst.

We're a long way from home
Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Suki, Twofeathers and Darius where in the middle of a huge battle with 13 foot tall mechanical robots. There was a dozen of them still left while a huge pile of scrap metal was scattered about. Suki's Godhammer made it very easy but it was still a nuisance, like mosquitoes at a summer camp as you try to enjoy the campfire.

"GOT IT!" Darius shouted. He threw the item into a rucksack and then lifted his weapon.

"It's about freakin' time!" Twofeathers said. She was tired of being swatted around.

"SUKI, WE ARE LEAVIN'," Darius shouted.

"Awww." Suki seemed saddened by the fact that she had to break from battle. "Just one more?"