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Neo Static: What May Be, What Might Be, What It Is VIII

They were sitting around a campfire, relaxing and taking it easy. It seemed like months since they had had a break in the action, that's for sure.

Max and Maggie were lying by the fire, Maggie enjoying the summer breeze as Max sipped coffee from one of those old tin can coffee mugs they had picked up at a flea market a few days back.

Angst sat cross-legged on a blanket field-stripping the Uzis, which made Frank shake his head and chuckle. Here they were on a beach in North Carolina admiring the summer evening.

Goner was picking stones and seeing how far he could toss them into the water; well, after what had happened in North Africa with the grenade he could use a little practice on throwing.

Aqua and Suki sat on a log reading Manga and both were fan-girling on how different and vastly improved the series The Reverend was in this version of Earth.

Akimoto sat away from the group, sitting on a rock and meditating as usual.

All was quiet and peaceful for the moment, a time to catch one's breath and enjoy the scenery for a change of pace.

"You there yet?" Maggie asked of Max.

"Huh," Max replied.

"Nope, not yet," Maggie stated and she turned to kiss him.

"What brought that on?" he said, as if she needed a reason to.

"Just saying hello to an old friend," she replied. Then she saw the sparkle in his eyes, as if an ancient door was opening, letting light into a room that was completely dark.

"Dammit," Angst said as she looked around the blanket.

"What?" Frank inquired.

"Nevermind," she replied. "I think I left it in the car."

"Want me to get it?" he asked.

"No, I'll do it," she said, getting up. "Besides, I think I have a kink in my leg to work out."

"Well, considering you've been doing that for a while now it would kink up," Frank joked.

Angst stood and headed for the car.

Max had glanced over and then he looked back at Maggie and she just smiled and nodded. "You see it now, don't you."

Angst headed to where the vehicles were parked and she heard a noise and looked to see Max, hovering off the ground.

"What the hell, Max," she said. "You scared the bejesus out of me."

"Angst, you're needed," Max said to her.

"Well, no guff," she chided.

"Take my hand and we'll go," he said as he reached out. "You'll only be gone from here a fraction of a micro-second."