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Neo Static: Verisimilitude Man VII

Max didn't know exactly what was going on but he knew there was trouble; he didn't need to know the sound of the klaxon which brought him back into this moment in time, after swimming about into an eternity of thoughts in a matter of a fraction of a microsecond. He was here, there and everywhere; watching a brontosaurus eating a branch, an old woman crossing the street in 1933 New York City, an alien woman dancing to weird music in a (what he thought might be) field under three moons.

Is this how Maggie sees the world?

"Yes," she answered his thoughts.

"This is the Metaplex?"

"Yes," she answered.

"By the gods," he stated. "It's full of possibililites."

"And then some," she said. Then she added, "Time to clock in, sweetie. You have a job to do."