Current Transmissions:


Neo Static: Enmity Terrene VII

Max hovered a few inches off the ground; he was sitting in a lotus position. His arms resting on his knees and his finger and thumb making a circle. Hyllensen thought he was just resting at first, trying to calm himself. Which was in part true. As Max did begin to feel calm he heard a very familiar female voice whisper in his ear.

This transmission is coming to you.

In all his years Max had never felt more alive than at that moment; he seemed more in sync with the reality around him. He rose higher off the ground as static electricity began to build around him. Lifting the hairs on his head, he could feel the hairs on his arms embrace the charge.

Maggie whispered into his other ear.

This transmission is coming to you.

So this is what it feels to ascend, he thought. He now understood what Dekker had wanted in that movie about merging with a machine. He was having his V'ger moment.

Maggie whispered again. 

We've got it.