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Neo Static: Enmity Terrene I

The convoy rolled into base, Ruffo felt a sigh of relief as the the huge one-foot thick steel door slid back down and locked itself into the ground once again. She jumped off the truck before it had a chance to fully stop and was received by a yeoman, who handed her a clipboard. She took it and signed away.

She turned her attention to Ksen and told him, "Make sure the team gets R&R. We'll regroup in an hour for the memorial service for the fallen."

Ksen nodded and then his eyes alerted her that a big-wig was coming.

She noticed the eggheads approaching, along with General Munson as well, and she snapped to attention.

"At easy, Ruffo," Munson said. "You're gonna break something."

"Is he still alive?" Hyllensen, one of the eggheads asked.

Ruffo shot him a look which told him that she hadn't failed at that task.

"Good," Munson said. "Let's get him unloaded and into sick bay."