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Neo Static: Watson, I Need You.

The contraption was huge, made from several pieces here and there and it looked like something that a seven year old boy interested in electronics would make. Max stood back and admired what he had created, wondering why the idea hadn't come to him sooner. All he needed to do now was produce a tiny amount of electricity to make it work.

"How is it supposed to work?" Nestor inquired.

"We need a small power supply," Max replied.

"As if that is going to happen anytime soon," Womack interjected. She also muttered, "Power's been out for a while, you moron."

Franklin shot her a look and Womack cracked a sad little smile and shrugged her shoulders. A sort of what-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-do-couped-up-in-here-with-an-idiot expression.

Max looked around the bunker and then he said with strict confidence, "Round up electrical extensions, and see if you can find some alligator clips and..."

"And what?" asked Nestor.

"And potatoes!" he added.