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Neo Static: Awakening Zero II

"Time to go," Lastings whispered to Ruffo, shaking her from her studying of the container. "We stayed too long."

"Yep," Ruffo stated. She glanced around at the others and nodded the all-clear signal. "Let's get him to the truck."

Katt set out the Hover pins on the floor and activated them as they laid the container on it. Once the last pin was turned on the container hovered twenty five centimetres from the floor. Katt handed Ruffo the clip and Ruffo tucked it onto her belt.

"All set," Ruffo keyed her mike. "We're on our way."

"Roger," a voice came on, "Seven Echo Echo Niner."

"Echo Seven Niner Echo," Ruffo replied. The command to let them know they were not in distress.