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Just When You Thought

"Yes we will!" Angst shouted, finishing her cheer and spraying bullets from her twin uzis into the swarm of spectres that surrounded them. 

Max felt a sharp impact in his side and suddenly his t-shirt was soaked with blood.

Maggie dodged under a swipe from one of the shadowy claws and her katana flashed upwards in a counterstrike.

Max winced as a gash appeared on his bicep.

Angst kept spinning and firing and another hole tore open in Max's leg. Maggie straightened out of a combat role, growling, and thrust into another demon. Max grunted as a wound punctured his shoulder.

"Dammit," he whispered as he dropped to one knee.

Maggie saw him go down and noticed the injuries that had appeared on his body.

"Defense only, Angst!" she shouted. "We're in a Hex Warp!"