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All In The Dice

Max dropped down from the upper ledge and onto the platform, landing like a cat leaving no sound whatsoever.  He headed for the door and punched in the key code he had been given and the door unlocked and opened. A guard stood there at the door...

"A guard?" Dan asked. He picked up the dice from the table and held them in his hands, glancing down at the character sheet before him. "Shouldn't Max's sixth sense have warned him of the event before the door opened?"

Tim looked up from behind the GM screen and grinned. "He has his back to the door."

Max lifted the butt of the gun to conk the guard on the head but he hit the side of the door.

"FOR FUCK SAKES," Dan said. "A one. Come on, that should of been an automatic hit! I got the surprise on the Mook."