Current Transmissions:


v.Cyber Max

Little is known about the Horsebreeder Corporation except that it disappeared shortly after the fall of Legacy. One of the only remnants of its secretive existence is the Omega Cortex, a unique bit of neuro-tech that runs a Polysonae identity mod that allows users to select from a catalogue of pre-coded personalities. 

Max was an old friend of Pretty's and when Plureality managed to steal the Omega during the chaos of the MacroCorps War, Pretty bought it from them and convinced his pal to have it implanted. Depending on the Contract, Max selects from 'Simon' – a tactics and espionage expert, 'Marshal' – a hacker with an internal database of rare Meshes nicknamed the Spellbook, and 'Mick' – a brash and sometimes violent investigator. There are likely other polysonae versions in the Cortex that Max has yet to unlock.

The one time that Max tried Plex after the Omega was implanted he disappeared, literally vanished, for three days. He claims that he remembers nothing that occurred during his absence.