Current Transmissions:


Defrag: God Complex


Dexter's voice came in on Max's comm. “Hold position, we're almost there.” 

“Yeah, about that...” Max said as he made his way quietly down the stairs. 

“Max.” This time it was Callan. “If this is really a yaoguai then your bullets will likely have little effect.” 

Max stopped at the doorway that led from the stairwell into the hardware store. He steadied his breathing. 

Callan continued, the sound of screeching tires in the background. “I have a waidan elixir prepared that will imbue your weapon with the necessary-” 

A scream came from the store, loud enough to be heard over the comm. 

“Damn it!” shouted Dex. “Alright Max, get in there!” 

Max kicked in the door.