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v.Space Capt. Maggie Magenta

Maggie Magenta was a shining exemplar of the Legacy Project's mission to guide humanity to their future in the stars. She managed an Oracle Outpost within the Haven Zone of settled planets, she led a tactical squad to victory against Cryo-type Exos at a Fortress Base in the Border Zone, and she oversaw the safe passage of hundreds of refugees aboard a Chariot-class vessel.

When Magenta was promoted to Captain and granted command of the Justice-class Starship The Dragon it was the greatest day of her career, but it also marked the beginning of the end of that career. Now that she had reached the upper echelons of the Legacy Project, Magenta began to discover the true nature of much of their work in the galaxy. Secret experiments on colonists, exploiting planets' resources, enslaving alien species. Rather than succumb to the lure of greed and power, Magenta resisted and went rogue. 

The Dragon started a one-ship war against Legacy, sabotaging their experiments, liberating the aliens they oppressed, and warning the citizens of the Haven Colonies about the true dangers of life in space.