Current Transmissions:


Virus Cleaner

1      1     0     1     0     
[  op  |  rx |  rt |  rd |shunt| funct]  R-type ii
[  op  |  rx |  rt | address//immediate] I-type ii
[  op  |        target address//insert]  J-type ii
project: initiated. virus cleaners. 

//one eight zero one//

10: activate
20: go to 10

New York, New York. June 22 1801

Travis Smite sat on a bench in the park waiting. 

It was a beautiful summer morning and the sun was cresting the skyline, though the shadows of the building were still cool.

He heard the tearing sound, and smiled. He was receiving orders. 

All was good in the world. He got up, stretched and approached the weird metal box where he put his thumb on a scanner and it declared his identity.