Current Transmissions:


Magenta Code

1      1     0     1     0     
[  op  |  rs |  rt |  rd |shunt| funct]  R-type ii
[  op  |  rs |  rt | address//immediate] I-type ii
[  op  |        target address//insert]  J-type ii
project: initiated. send code. 

//one eight zero one//

10: activate
20: go to 10

Kentow, Africa, 1801

Usha Bu ran through the thickets, the thorns tearing at her exposed skin. She didn't care, she just wanted to get away from the men who where chasing her. There was a sound of thunder rumbling in the distance, or that could be hearing her blood pumping through her ears.

She was sure she was going to get caught.

There was a flash of light ahead of her, she stopped in her tracks, figuring the men with the torches had forced her way here. She was resigned to give up but then she noticed the light fade and her eyes widened in surprise as she saw...