Current Transmissions:



Max's eyes flickered open. He could see Angst sitting by his side but she looked different, more cartoonish than before. Like a cel-shaded art style you see in those new video games that want to look retro. His eyes itched and there was a static sound ringing in his ears.

"He's coming around," Angst said to someone whom Max realized was Dexter. Though his appearance seemed cel-shaded, as well; he looked more like a knock-off version of a iconic cartoon hero he had seen in a superhero movie.

Amongst the noise in the static he could make out a voice stating, "... make his eyes bigger... greener."

"Look at his eyes," Frank said in the background. "What's happening to him?"

"Mother-frakker," Dexter swore. "It was her I saw in the diner!"