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v.D& The Dragons

The new Order of the Dragon welcomes all wayfarers, wanderers and outcasts who devote their talents to helping the Free Folk. 

The Lady Dread fights for the Fae, who have been mercilessly hunted by the Ashen Tradition to be corrupted into vicious Ravagers. Her prowess in combat stems from her training as a Leafdancer.

Freeman is a former Child of the Pyre. Maighread bested him in battle and gave him the choice to die or repent. He now lends his arcane powers to the cause of the Dragons and seeks redemption for the harms he has caused.

The Faded Knight is the last surviving soldier of the Order of the Griffon. He had been imprisoned by the Red Cadre at a distant Keep. 'Fade' was rescued by Jorja the Fair and told to seek out Maximus if he wanted revenge against his captors.

The Dragons are sometimes granted aid by a mysterious apparition that they call the Sage. No one knows the Sage's origin or agenda, but his riddles and secrets have often brought the Dragons good fortune.