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Reunion Part Four

“This is the 'no-turning-back' conversation,” Frank said. “If we do this, at the very least we will be kidnapping a person, drugging them, and psychologically torturing them. We'll have to go on the run. Our lives in Jones Heights will be over.” 


“Or we'll be waking him up.” 

“If he even wants to be,” Angst said. “We're happy, maybe he is too.” 

Frank looked at her. They were at their regular table at the cafe, regular lunch orders. “Marshal's not happy. I could tell that after one pint.” 

“What exactly did he say? How could you tell it was really him?” 

Frank took a bite of his sandwich. Sipped his coffee. “It wasn't any one thing. There was no code word or trigger phrase. There were no references he recognized. Nothing obvious. It was... It was as if Marshal is exactly the type of man that Max would have been if nothing strange had ever happened to him. If all the stories had remained stories and had never come true.” 

Angst looked out the window, thoughtful. “I never really could tell how much of what Max said was true. I'm not sure he could either. He taught me how to shoot, though. And to fight monsters.” 

“And sometimes he made you feel better when things were really bad.” 

Angst smiled and nodded. “Okay, let's go get him.” 

As they stepped outside, a car pulled up. Goner was driving. And Suki was in the passenger seat.