Current Transmissions:


Operation Ajna Nova

-- File Excerpt --
Location: XXXXXXX City, Downtown Core

17:34 Cube confirms eyes on the target. Maintains safe distance. 

17:35 Cube activates mission-issued sub-dermal ESP sync implant. Gauntlet [Mission Lead] gains "eyes-on" from position Beta. Viking moves to shadow position on Cube.

17:37 Cube maintains safe-distance stealth pursuit. Gauntlet assesses target's Mana level to be reaching critical point with no total-solution for clearing the threatened area of collaterals within the collapsing timeframe.

17:38 Cube proposes eliminating the target [Objective One is target capture, Objective Two is reducing collateral damage should the target discharge the rising Type 19 Mana]. Gauntlet denies request. Gauntlet gives Go-Code Aegis.

17:39 Viking initiates flash-invocation of Osiris and rushes the target. Cube begins firing his sidearm in the air in an attempt to clear the collaterals. The target discharges the Mana as Viking tackles them.

17:40 Viking absorbs 87% of the Mana, a lethal dose. The parameter modifications granted by the Osiris invocation successfully regenerate enough of the cellular damage to reduce the injuries to a survivable level. No collaterals are injured. Cube closes and secures the target.

17:41 Gauntlet confirms Objectives One and Two complete and initiates evac procedure. HQ deploys disinformation package #17 to local law enforcement and media.

"I don't trust him yet," Gauntlet says. "It's like he's got something to prove."

Viking shrugged. "Don't you think he does? Given what he did?"

"Plus he was willing to go off-book in the middle of a mission, when we already had contingencies in place." 

"There was no guarantee I was going to survive the Aegis play."

"Yeah, but the Aegis play still supported both Objectives." Gauntlet smirked and gave Viking a punch on the shoulder. "And since when did you have a problem with charging into certain death, anyway?"

Viking gave her a playful scowl.