Current Transmissions:


Simple Simon

Simon sat in Barren's Cafe sipping his $8 latte. Four morning newspapers were sitting at the table with him and he had his tablet opened up as well. He kept his eye on the ticker scrolling past. BEXT had taken a serious hit; he was glad that he had gotten out of that one.

RDAQ  85.6^.... 1.78% | LING  123.8^.....6.32%| BEXT  44.6_ .....44%| EAV...

He checked in on some of the other stocks prior to getting in the office before the bell rung. He liked doing research in a place like this; he was a hunter by trade, and a very damn good one at that. He scanned through the news articles as well, stories about businesses, corporations, wars and natural disasters, to see what he should do with the billions of dollars that his clients and corporation had entrusted him with.

"Morning, Mr. Light," a woman said as she approached him.

"Ah," he replied, recognizing one of his clients, a strikingly beautiful woman with red hair and dressed to kill in a red jacket and skirt. "Ms. Morningstar, it's good to see you as well," he lied with all the conviction of a shark.

"Fancy meeting you here in a place like this," she said coyly.

"I've been coming here for years, before the bell opens," Simon said with a smile. He knew she was up to something; much like a super-hero who had senses tingling when trouble was near, so were his. "It's the first time I've ever seen you in this place."

"Oh, I like to keep an eye on who's doing what with my finances," she replied. She sat in the comfy chair across from him.

"No need to worry," he assured her. "I know what I'm doing."

His phone alarm chimed, the old 80's song 'Eye of The Tiger' sounded off.

"That's my cue to go, Ms. Morningstar," he said as he turned off his tablet and gathered up the papers. "Let's see how much money we can make you today."