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Eternal Recurrence

Previously in the Metaplex:

No, I understand. It's not my first psych assessment. I've been through it before.

I don't mean to be rude. I will continue to challenge your assertion, however, that the motel was the scene of a... - Dr. Longfellow checked her notes - ...'grade-A-SNAFU-fight-scene'. There was simply no evidence to corroborate what you described. No bullet holes, no burn marks, no bodies.

Not because it was a delusion. Because it happened in another version. Unfortunately my wounds didn't get erased in the shift. And yes, I know that sounds crazy. Like I said -

- this isn't the first time this has happened. She nodded. So... why don't you tell me what usually happens next?

He smiled. She finds me. That's how it goes. Or I find her. We find each other, we lose each other. Lost and found. Did you ever see that movie Ladyhawke? He's a wolf by night, she's a hawk by day, they're only together in those brief, liminal times. Sunset, sunrise. It's like that, but with weird biblical symbolism and the many-worlds-interpretation of quantum theory. The others never really notice how rare it is for us to be in the same version...

Dr. Longfellow wrote down the title of the film, 'bible' and 'quantum'. She had a sense of deja vu.

In some ways it's harder than before I met her, but in other ways it's so much... more worth it, he continued. Anyway, I hope it's her that comes. It isn't always.

She looked up from her note pad. He looked serious in a way that he hadn't before.

There are others who are looking for me, Max said.

The nurse poked her head in the door. Doctor, there's a call for you.