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Channel Plex: Saturday Night Plex

The Skit Is The Thing

A Metaplex Skit

Cast of Characters:

Max Cube
Max Cube VII
Max Cube VIII
Max Cube Cyborg

Kelly's Diner, Max Cube is sitting at a booth with laptop open and his fingers dancing across the keyboard. He takes a moment to sip a coffee and light up a cigarette. VII enters through the door to the left of the stage.

VII: Hello Max.

Max: Do I know you? [Max reaches for his signature weapons]

VII: Don't fret, I am an echo of your future self.

Max: Hmmm.

VII: I am here to tell you not to type the words "forever", "data" and "autumn rain".

Max: Huh?

VII: I am here to tell you not to type the...

VIII enters from center stage.

VIII: Stop VII. I'm here to tell you not to stop Max from typing.

VII: What?

Max: Huh?

VIII: I am from the alternate future where Max didn't add "forever", "data" and "autumn rain" in his one act play.

Max: But, why?

Cyborg enters from right door.

Cyborg: Hold On Fellows!

Max: Whoa now.

VII: Us?

VIII: Alternate reality us?

Cyborg: I'm here to tell you that this skit is now over.

The End.