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Channel Plex: Off Book

Max dropped the Heaven's Gate Fiasco script onto the table. He wasn't sure if this was a good play to be involved in or not. He leaned back in his chair, fished out a smoke from the pack and threw the pack onto the table. He had been a part the local community theater for several years now; each play was a challenge for him, but this one... This one seemed off.

"What's sup," Darius said as he entered the room.

"Nothing worth noting at the moment," Max replied after taking a long drag of the smoke. 

"You know you aren't supposed to be smoking in here," Darius warned. He was over at the vending machine and putting quarters into the slot. "If 'The Professor' catches you there will be hell to pay."

Max chuckled. 

"Something funny?" Darius inquired.

"Hell toupee," Max repeated the words.

Darius began to chuckle as well, since the wig on the Professor's head didn't sit quite right. He grabbed the chocolate bar and sat down on the couch after taking his beat up script from his jacket. "You off book?"

Max let the smoke drift from his mouth before answering. "Yeah."