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Channel Plex: The Brilliance

The following excerpt is taken from producer Greg Logollos' hidden wiretap that was planted in Max Cube's trailer. Mr. Cube can be heard talking on the phone with Entertainment Now! reporter Speck Richards. It was played during Logollos' trial to show how he had spied on his actors' private lives. 

"You know I never thought it would last this long. I'm still amazed at the originality of the series and the fresh stuff that we are able to spawn on a weekly basis. After each episode I wonder how we can top that. But the writers never cease to amaze with the next story arc. Even though we've been on eleven years now... eleven freakin' years - that's hard to believe... I'm just waiting for this current writers' strike to be over so I can head back into the studio and continue on this amazing ride. You think after eleven years of 24 episodes each year and three TV movie specials that you'd get sick of doing the same thing. But for me it's home... It's the comfort of not knowing what lies in store. I'm glad I got in on the ground floor and watched it flourish. Heck, I'm surprised they still want me to keep doing what I do with the major cast overhaul three seasons ago. Yeah, brilliant, simply brilliant.... and yet the similarity between events in our lives were reflected on the series... simply amazing indeed..."