Current Transmissions:


Unlocking Codes

Max felt better; he was lying on the floor of his apartment staring up at the ceiling. He was counting the dots on the tile, it was the only way to stay focused. There was a pounding sound and he figured it was from the door.

Hira must have called the paramedics when he had screamed.

The door to his apartment opened. The manager of the complex had the key code and unlocked it for the responders. And they rushed right in, stretcher and all.

"I'm fine now," Max said but no one listened.

He glanced to see Hira peering in from the door, a look of horror on her face. Hira's mother came and covered the child's eyes.

"Look," Max said as he reached for the counter; a pack of smokes digitally appeared there. "See, that's how that works."

The paramedics knelt over him; one them took out a syringe and prepared to embed it into Max's chest.