Current Transmissions:


Knight Takes Pawns

The dam had finally busted and a flood of memories - old, new and some not even born yet - flashed through his head. Like a slide projector malfunction at an event, images appeared and disappeared and seemed to merge together.

"I'm Max," he said. "Though which version am I?"

His arms snapped out and took the two paramedics down, hitting them in their pressure points and they dropped to the floor like sacks of flour.

"Ah, Max," Morganfokker said. "Good, good. It's nice to see that you haven't lost your touch... Maybe your mind... but not your touch."

"You," Max said; his voice couldn't mask the rage and the hostility in it. "You did this to me!"

Morganfokker just smiled and nodded. As Max glanced around his surroundings it began to dawn on him what was going on.

"But this isn't about me, is it," he said matter of factly, clasping his hands behind his back. And as he did Pain and Joy were in the process of digitizing in. They were his signature weapons of choice and they felt good in his hands, the sensation was almost orgasmic in nature.

Purgatory had a way of amplifying senses.

"You, my dear old friend, were just the bait to get her here," Morganfokker said. "And it worked like a charm. I'm sad to say that we should have thought of this earlier."

Max brought the weapons up and around...