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Goner had just turned 16, driver’s license incoming, two long phone-calls plus a decent amount of texting with the new girl in class, Angie, and now Mayganne was about to play him the latest download from Cube Life. So yeah, things were pretty awesome.

“I’m tired of feeling older than everyone else in school,” he said, lounging in her easy chair. It didn’t sound right when he said it, sounded like a bored teenager, but he actually meant it, literally felt like he’d been around longer than he had. Or around wider maybe? How would you describe traveling sideways in time?

“Maybe you’re using too much energy feeling so smugly superior,” Mayganne shot back, like he knew she would, her wink, his smile, and right on cue she tapped Play, the speakers fuzzed. Her laptop screen went into image. And the music started. And it felt alright again, Goner felt okay again, even though he always felt different, and had thoughts he couldn’t figure out how to explain to anyone even Mayganne, definitely not Angie, wouldn’t want to spook her. And the music coming in and the anime video playing, j-pop-punk-electronica mashup, Cube Life just starting to hit it big, he loved their whole sound and style, and so laying there it felt alright, feeling different and lost and clichéd and too old and too young. Horny, angry, curious, bored, scared.

Mayganne singing along – somehow she already knew the lyrics - with Suki’s voice from the speakers: