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Channel Plex: Pilot

Max wakes up in bed, alone.

He doesn't recognize the room. A motel?

There are seven laptops placed on the floor, the end-table, an ironing-board, the bed beside him. They each have different screensavers: The Avengers, Supernatural, Buffy, Doctor Who, The Matrix Trilogy, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Bourne Trilogy. Max recognizes the images but can't recall the plots of any of them.

He pulls back the covers, he's dressed in baggy pants and a white t-shirt, no image.

The movement is enough to cancel the screensavers on the two laptops on the bed; the Avengers vanish and Max can see an icon for a music file, and when the Winchesters disappear it reveals an icon for a video file.

Max feels tired, feels tempted to pull up the covers and go to sleep. Go back to sleep? Had he been sleeping? He leans forward to open the music file...

A cell phone buzzes on the pillow beside his. He can see the text on the screen. It says: DON'T.